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    Thomson Products for Material Handling Applications

    Linear Guides & Components

    Thomson invented the Ball Bushing Bearing over 60 years ago and has since been the recognized leader in this field. Our linear products provide low friction, smooth, accur...

    Profile Rails

    Thomson is the one-stop source for all your profile rail needs. We feature sizes ranging from our ultra-compact 5 mm MicroGuide? to the robust 55 mm 500 Series roller, as...

    Ball and Lead Screws

    We offer the widest range of ball screw products in the industry – including rolled and ground thread screws in both imperial and metric sizes. Both include our patented z...

    Linear Actuators

    Our linear actuators are designed for rugged, reliable linear motion applications. Numerous choices in stroke, load, motor type, feedback, limits and control options make...

    Precision Linear Actuators

    The compact design and higher load capacities of our precision linear actuators make them ideal for flexible integration in tight areas. These programmable precision linea...

    Linear Motion Systems

    Our linear motion systems can be used virtually anywhere. They can support and move a range of loads and provide high precision and tight tolerances. They are available pr...

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